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I V Set

Medical Disposable Sterile Disposable Iv Infusion-Set

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Tube Length
  • 100 cm
  • 130 cm
  • 150 cm
  • Disposable Intravenous Cannulas
  • suitable for the peripheral venous infusion
  • Free DEHP, Radiopacity, stainless steel needle
  • New generation of bio-materials polyurethane
Product Specification
Tube Material PVC
Liquid Filter 2 m
Usage/Application Hospital
Drops Per Ml 20 drops/ml
Brand BK
Country of Origin Made in India
Product Description
  • Remove spike cover and insert the spike at the top of the container to it's full length turn the container up side down and hang it as suitable height.
  • Remove the outer cap of the container and disinfect top.
  • Squeeze the drip chamber until it is filled up the mark. This prevent air bubbles from entering the fluid path.
  • Close the regulator.
  • Firmly close the regulator.
  • Perform vein puncher and release the regulator to achieve the desired flow rate.
  • Remove the protective cover of the needle, gently release the regulator in order to flow, keeping the needle above the container level. Gradually lower the needle in such a way that no air bubbles are left in the tube. Let a few drops of solution pass through.
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